Suggested Topics For Diploma Theses
(Independent Studies)


Parallel Computing Systems

Parallel Processing Applications into Image Processing

(Download it in Greek. Available in two formats: Postscript PS (149KB), Adobe PDF (87KB))

  • Real Time Parallel Motion Estimation for Video Encoding (MPEG, VideoTelephony H261 etc)

According to the subject, the main purpose is the study of parallel architecures and the implementation of motion estimation algorithms for video encoding. There will be studied all theoretical methods of parallelizing the existing algorithms, and followingly, these algorithms will be mapped into special/general purpose parallel architectures, according to methods which have been developped in DSCLAB.

Requirements: Knowledge of C programming under Unix / Windows and acquaintance with parallel procesing principles, image processing principles.


Professor G. Papakonstantinou
CS Building, tel: 772-2494

Aris Koziris
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