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Parallel Computing Systems

Parallel Logic Programming

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This section includes the extention of the Daffodil system. Daffodil is an environment for the parallel evaluation of pure Prolog programs. Daffodil is based on the parallel evaluation of Attribute Grammars (AGs) utilizing the equivalence of AGs and Logic Programming (LP). It consists of Magnolia, a translator of logic programs into AGs and PAGE, an one-pass parallel AG processor. Magnolia automatically transforms a pure Prolog program to an equivalent PAGE_PL program. PAGE_PL is a C-like language for the formal description of AGs. PAGE evaluates the resulting PAGE_PL code in parallel. Daffodil exploits the inherent AND/OR parallelism of logic programs. Furthermore, Daffodil is portable and independent from the underlying architecture.

Proposed Theses

  • Daffodil Implementation

    This project requires:

    Prolog knowledge
    Study of Attribute Grammars
    Experience in compiler techniques
    Experience in C programming

The project deals with the implementation of a translation tool. This tool accepts pure prolog programs and gives as output the equivalent AGs. Transformation tables have already been proposed. The objective is the combination of this tool with the PAGE tool, in such a way that the generated AG could be given as input to the PAGE automatically. (1 person )


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